Are you tired of dieting? Are you unsatisfied with the results you are getting despite your attempts to eat “clean”? Are you experiencing unexplained digestive upset? Do you have hormonal dis-regulation? Do you want to repair your relationship with food and experience the joy of eating again? 
You’re in the right place. 

Victoria Myers and Meg Dixon are extraordinarily passionate about giving women the skill set, knowledge, and confidence they need to heal their bodies and live in a way that does not conform to societal pressures. We specialize in digestive healing, hormonal regulation, and disordered eating by empowering women with traditional foods, botanical therapies, and instinctual eating.
We do not believe in diets. We do not believe in the one size fits all approach. On the contrary, we believe that everyone is uniquely and vastly different and we will help guide them to rekindle that instinctual wisdom within them.
Nourishing Minds Nutrition is a result of our own personal experiences in food, diet, digestive disorders, and disordered eating. We have been in your shoes. We have been frustrated with food, dissatisfied with our health, and unsettled with our inner being. Because of our own personal experiences, we feel incredibly convicted to share our message and to give others the hope and the freedom that we finally found.
We offer our services in packages, as we believe changes cannot happen overnight. Pursuing and achieving whole-body wellness can take time. We will not just give a meal plan to follow. We will work on a deeper level and lay the foundation for you to pursue wellness in all aspects of your life. By laying this foundation and building upon it, you will feel nourished, whole, and inspired once our time together is finished. 
We are offering 30% off all packages for our first 10 clients. (That’s a GREAT deal!) 

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