My Simplistic (yet effective) Morning & Nighttime Skin Care Routine

Visit my IGTV to watch a quick little video on my morning and nighttime skin care!

For my skin care, I utilize a combination of homemade product and Primally Pure.

I use to be one of those people who bought all the trendy skin care products…. so much so in fact that I had a special “status” at Sephora. I spent so much time and resources on empty promises from beauty companies and was always disappointed.

This was until I found holistic skin care. I dropped all the chemicals and started nourishing my face with natural, organic, and gentle ingredients. I started oil cleansing and treating my skin like a friend instead of an enemy to be tamed.

My skin care has and will continue to evolve over the years and in different life stages, but today, my skin care is simplistic yet effective. What do I mean by effective? I mean that my skin feels nourished and healthy. I no longer complain of oily skin, intense redness or my nose peeling from dry skin. (Even though NO ONE has perfect skin! It’s normal and okay to have some blemishes, redness, etc.)


Morning Routine

  1. Primally Pure Everything Spray

  2. Phyto-seed leave in conditioner for my hair

  3. Mineral Fusion Makeup

    • Olive 2 Powder Foundation

    • Luster Brozer Pallet

    • Crayon Eye Pencil- Touche (for the brows)

    • Volumizing Mascara - Jet

  4. Axiology Lipstick - Reflection

Evening Routine

  1. Cleanse with homemade soap. If you don’t make soap, I recommend this gentle cleansing bar soap.

  2. Reusable cotton rounds and homemade chamomile & rose infused face oil to removed mascara

  3. Oil cleanse with my cleansing oil recipe (herbal infused recipes from The Herbal Academy’s Botanical Skin Care Recipe Book) . Go here to learn about oil cleansing. It has literally changed my life people! If you don’t want to make your own oils, i ADORE Primally Pure’s cleansing oil. Note: they have different formulas for dry, normal and oily skin.

  4. Primally Pure Fancy Face Serum

  5. Primally Pure Beauty Cream

  6. Homemade Salve for my lips and to hydrate my eyelashes! (One of my secrets to keeping them so long!)