Creamy Chocolate Elixir (with maca and reishi)


I am not lying when say- this has GOT to be the best recipe I’ve ever created and released. I’m obsessed, y’all!!

Plus, it has awesome medicinal value. It’s chock full of adaptogens to help sooth your stress response. I’m sipping on one now (my 4th in 2 days…) and my body feels warm and tingly. There is something about reishi that just puts me at ease and makes me feel dang good.

I ordered nearly all of these ingredients from Mountain Rose Herbs. (see hyperlinks). You cannot beat their prices for such incredible high quality goods. Their products are created and sourced with the highest environmental and humanitarian standards.

I’ve partnered with them in the creation of this chocolate elixir. If you have ever had the chocolate Rebbl drinks- this is very similar! To be honest… I created this as a copy cat because I loved them but didn’t love all the plastic for two cups of liquid! Plus this is way cheaper ;)




Simply blend in the ingredients a high speed blender on high until everything is combined and frothy. Pour over ice.


Wedding Flower arrangement.jpg

Sustainably Supported by Mountain Rose Herbs. As always, all opinions are mine & these are products I truly love!  #sponsored