A Letter to My Client: January 24th, 2019


I have many old emails to my many clients throughout the years at Nourishing Minds Nutrition. These are letters of encouragement in someone’s journey to intuitive eating and food freedom. I have decided to release these (without client identifiers, of course!) in hopes that others can find them helpful. Even though they are specific to a specific client, I hope they prove to be insightful and inspiring for anyone else going through this process. Please be aware these letters are not intended to diagnose or treat. Please work with a practitioner if you are wanting specific one-on-one help. You can always reach out to us at Nourishing Minds Nutrition.

Hi friend!

I enjoyed our conversation so much yesterday and I am so so excited about our journey together! This is your time, lady friend!!!

I wanted to send you a recap email and some goals for the week! 

Of course in all of this, remember, we are partnering with your body. Your body is not something to be mastered or controlled. I know it is hard to hear exactly what it is saying to you right now… but as time goes on, its voice will get more and more pronounced, and you will be able to respond to it appropriately and without hesitation. 

I know a big barrier for you right now is the weight gain. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if this were not in the picture?! Hear this: weight gain may (and should) happen. 

But I don’t want you to just gain weight with the mindset that it will come off again. I want you to being to transform your mind and how you think about weight gain and weight on your body. Weight gain is not a bad thing at all. In fact, it’s a beautiful thing! It may be hard for you too see this at this point- but remember— being “thin” is not the only way to be beautiful and to be worthy of love. 

Defile the social ideals! Challenge the expectations you have placed on yourself to look a certain way. Minimal body fat should not be something to be attained by manipulating food. True beauty comes from confidence in who you are- apart from your body. You can and will be confident regardless of your weight is. I know societal expectations have trained us otherwise and weight gain goes against everything you have ever told  yourself in the past… but it is time to fight those cultural ideals. I want you to cultivate an attitude of body respect and trust. We want to let your body know that it is safe again. 

I know body love may not be possible right now, but fostering body trust and respect are! If your body starts to change, speak kindly to it. Don’t berate or dishonor it. Remember, when you gain weight- it means that you are nourishing your body. That you are honoring it with food. That you are repleting it’s nutrient stores. Your body does SO many things right for you every.single.day. despite having years of low fuel and minimal nutrition. Thank it for that! Make a commitment today and every day moving forward to honor it. Make a commitment to work with and partner with your body! That means to focus on getting it the energy and nourishment it needs. That means getting out of your mind and letting your body call the shots. Let the health of your body and soul drive your food and wellness decisions. Not your desire to be thin. Your body has an innate wisdom that is not gone, but it is going to be a journey for you to hear all it has to tell you again. 



Part II to be released next. <3