A Letter to My Client: November 30th, Part II

I have many old emails to my many clients throughout the years at Nourishing Minds Nutrition. These are letters of encouragement in someone’s journey to intuitive eating and food freedom. I have decided to release these (without client identifiers, of course!) in hopes that others can find them helpful. Even though they are specific to a specific client, I hope they prove to be insightful and inspiring for anyone else going through this process. Please be aware these letters are not intended to diagnose or treat. Please work with a practitioner if you are wanting specific one-on-one help. You can always reach out to us at Nourishing Minds Nutrition.

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This week, as best you can, I want you work on stripping away all the food rules, food labels, and preconceived notions about food. None of that has a place in intuitive eating. Start to challenge and change that dialogue in your head about food. 

I also want you to to note your fullness levels after eating. I want your goal to be to eat until satiety. Eat until you are fully satisfied. Check in with yourself. Just because you are done with your plate doesn’t mean you can’t get more!  There are no rules here! Your body doesn’t care what time it is, how much you ate yesterday, what you are going to eat later or what you “normally” eat- it wants what it wants when it wants it! Honor that! So if you need to increase those portion sizes or go back for seconds, do it! If you are still thinking about food after your meal or even an hour after your meal, you didn’t eat enough! Be mindful of this.

Also, let’s challenge those “off limits” foods and those foods that are only available on the weekend. WHO MADE THESE RULES!? Diet culture. You don’t have to wait for a certain day of the week to partake in a food! it’s not even considered a “treat”- it’s just food that you are craving! Honor that! So if you want ice cream on Tuesday- have the ice cream!!! The more you normalize all foods, the easier eating and living in the grey area becomes. You’ll find that food doesn’t actually have the mental hold over you that you think it does. Placing rules on our diet disrupts our relationship with and mentality towards food. It makes it impossible to be intuitive. When you remove the rules, our true craving, likes and dislikes can come forth. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone and do the things that are uncomfortable for you. 

Throughout this week, take note of various food rules that come up in your head- because they will! They will probably even be ones that you didn’t realize that you had! haha. Write them down so you don’t forget about them and we can talk about them.

Also, remember, you don’t have to have a growling stomach in order to need food and to actually be hungry! This is always the case for people- but especially for those with a history of disordered eating. It is most likely that your hunger signals still have not caught up to your actual physical needs, so if you continue waiting until you are “hungry”, then you could be doing yourself a disservice and ultimately undereating.

That’s all for now! Talk soon,