The NW Community is Now Open for Enrollment!

The day is finally here - the Nourishing Women Community is finally open for enrollment! 

This community will be helpful for the individual that is trying to heal their bodies, but it will also be beneficial for fellow dietitians or other practitioners who are interested in diving into the area of functional nutrition. 

So what will the Nourishing Women Community include?

Monthly Videos + Actions to Take

We and I are excited to offer not one, but two monthly videos for members of the community. Think of it like the podcast, elevated to the next level. Similar information, but delving deeper into the topics explored, having a conversation with you and visually showing you how to implement our favorite topics. We will be sipping on matcha lattes while we discuss body image and self love, showing you our morning routines, cooking tacos in the kitchen, making you our favorite cocktails, discussing supplements for healing and more!

Two videos will be uploaded for access only to members of the community, as well as action oriented handouts, recipes, goals and more. We not only want to educate and inspire you, but truly help you to make your goals a reality

Online Support Group

One of the most valuable lessons we have learned from working with clients is the importance of consistent support. The Nourishing Women Community will be offering a private Facebook group for members only.

The online community support group will be unlike any online support Meg and I have ever offered before. We commit to showing up for you daily in the private Facebook group answering your questions, providing insight and support. 

While the community can never replace one-on-one counseling, our goal is to make it the next best thing. We want to be there for you. Whether you need help with body image and self love, embracing intuitive eating and living, learning wellness without obsession or seeking to learn more about holistic health practices, we will give you insight from our personal experiences and from years of working with clients.

Live Q&A and More!

Once a month, we will be holding a Live 90 minute Q&A where we answer your questions directly from you. Instead of waiting to hear us answer your questions on the podcast,  Instagram or blog posts, get insight immediately. We want to support you as much as possible. We are excited to offer this special bonus feature for members of the community only!

The community will also be hosting a book club and providing support to dietitians and other health and fitness professionals looking for guidance on starting a business, healing practices, best counseling practices and anything you need support with. 

    The community is for you if:

    • You are seeking help healing from disordered eating, orthorexia and/or health issues and may not be able to afford one-on-one support
    • You are already working with a dietitian or health care provider and seeking additional guidance and support
    • You are seeking guidance on intuitive eating
    • A fellow dietitian, RD-to-be, nutrition professional, fitness professional, health care provider or health and wellness blogger seeking deeper insight into our specialties 
    • A fellow woman who just wants to learn as much as they can!
    • Any one who wishes to learn more about:
    • Body positivity, healthy body image and self love
    • Intuitive eating and instinctual living
    • Healing health issues such as hypothalamic amennorhea and IBS
    • Fun, approachable ways to incorporate healing modalities in your journey
    • Herbal supplements and food as medicine (in a non-restrictive way)
    • Wellness without obsession

    The community may not be for you if:

    • You are in the beginning of recovery from an eating disorder and need one-on-one support or the information provided may be triggering. While we wish we could serve each and every one of you, we feel our support is best for those who are at the end of their recovery, those who are ready to learn intuitive eating and those seeking guidance on wellness without obsession.
    • You do not agree with the premises of body positivity and intuitive eating.
    • You do not wish to learn about fun, approachable ways to learn about holistic healing, herbal supplements and the like.

    We hope to see you there!