A Letter to My Client: October 30th, Part II


I have many old emails to my many clients throughout the years at Nourishing Minds Nutrition. These are letters of encouragement in someone’s journey to intuitive eating and food freedom. I have decided to release these (without client identifiers, of course!) in hopes that others can find them helpful. Even though they are specific to a specific client, I hope they prove to be insightful and inspiring for anyone else going through this process. Please be aware these letters are not intended to diagnose or treat. Please work with a practitioner if you are wanting specific one-on-one help. You can always reach out to us at Nourishing Minds Nutrition.

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Now, as far as the food things go....

NO MORE PICKING! haha. If you find the urge to pick at something- I don't care what it is... Get yourself a plate or a bowl or whatever, and actually serve yourself some. Then, ENJOY THE HELL out of that food. There are no more good foods vs bad foods here. Moving forward, there is just FOOD. You do not need these moralistic labels on food in order to "eat well". I promise you, when you get to a healthy relationship with food, your body will naturally gravitate towards what makes your body and your mind feel well! You don't need to manipulate yourself into eating certain things. So now moving forward, I want you to try your hardest and be very intentional about not attaching your morality to food. God never ever intended food to serve that purpose - he did not design it to play into our holiness or worthiness! Diet culture did that. Well NO more for you! Moving forward, I want you to allow yourself the innate human right of eating without self judgment. 

Don't be fearful of eating in between meal! Or even of eating right after you have already eaten. If you continue to not allow yourself to enjoy these foods when you want them, you will continue to reside in pseudo recovery. Your body and mind still need to be reassured that they can eat whenever and whatever they want. 

Even if you do not feel "physically hungry" at the time... I DON'T CARE!  Your body and mind are not on the same page yet due to years of under eating… they will be eventually... but not yet- so for now, you MUST eat when you want to. Not just when you deem you are "physically hungry" or when it is “appropriate”. Do NOT make this the hunger / fullness diet. 

Also, when you eat meals, I want you to check in and ask if you are still hungry... are you satisfied? Does food still sound good...? Then get some more!!! Give yourself that option! Remember, we can't eat the same thing every day. That leaves no room for intuition and the changes in our body that happen every single day. A huge part of recovery is eating meals that FULLY satisfy. 

Now as far as exercise goes right now, this week- I want you to check in with yourself more often. Continue to develop that internal conversation- how is your body feeling? Our society praises this "push through" mentality. It praises this "kill yourself to workout" mentality. Well, that is NOT serving anyone and directly goes against our body’s intuition! If you feel like you need to do a certain movement or exercise- first, ask yourself WHY you are doing it. Check in with your motivation. Does it feel good to do this movement? Do you have enough energy? Is it going to serve you by making you feel stronger, more flexible, empowered, etc? Then, make your decision.

 If you choose to honor your body by not exercising, be at peace with that decision!! Your tendency right now will be to attach judgment to that decision. NONE OF THAT!!! You made a decision based off of your intuition. Be happy with that. Be proud of that. Be at peace with that. Know that it was the RIGHT decision and exercising when  it does not align with you does not serve you. Nothing should make you feel otherwise. If someone else is going on a walk or moving their body in some way- THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO. 

Which brings me to another point- what hobbies do you have outside of exercise?? Let's talk about it next time. 

Okay... that's it for now!! You are amazing!!!!