A Letter to My Client: November 30th

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I have many old emails to my many clients throughout the years at Nourishing Minds Nutrition. These are letters of encouragement in someone’s journey to intuitive eating and food freedom. I have decided to release these (without client identifiers, of course!) in hopes that others can find them helpful. Even though they are specific to a specific client, I hope they prove to be insightful and inspiring for anyone else going through this process. Please be aware these letters are not intended to diagnose or treat. Please work with a practitioner if you are wanting specific one-on-one help. You can always reach out to us at Nourishing Minds Nutrition.

Hi friend!

I hope you had a great weekend!

I’m so excited for you to allow yourself to fully embrace intuitive eating and instinctual living. 

We covered a lot of material during our call, but the foundation of it all is this- 

It’s time to take the next steps to living in the gray area!  The area where true wellness (and LIFE!) is found! Its going to be so much fun to allow yourself to truly experiment with various foods and figure out what you love and what makes you feel good- emotionally and physically! It’s going to be so liberating — and yes, scary as well! But trust, this experience of mixed emotions is normal and even necessary. It’s never just about the food- or the weight for that matter. The true “issues” are much deeper than that. Removing the desire to “control” enables us to truly feel and heal and develop coping mechanisms apart from food that allow us to enjoy life to the - INTH degree. 

Like we discussed on the call, wellness isn’t just about the foods we eat. YOU KNOW THIS! So eating something we’ve deemed as “bad” will NOT wreck you or derail your health. On the contrary, eating less than “nutrient dense” foods is actually highly beneficial to one’s health! There are “body nourishing foods” and then there are “soul nourishing foods”! Both are important and imperative! Each has a time and a place. There is something about going to happy hour and grabbing tacos with friends that is life giving. There are times when a kale salad just won’t cut it. Never underestimate the power of community and enjoying food and drink together. 

Of course, a lot of this boils down to removing labels from food. Removing the “good” food / “bad” food mentality. In doing this, we remove the potential guilt and shame that can be attached to food. Food should never be attached to our morality. NEVER! So removing those polarizing labels is imperative and transformational to our relationship to food and to our relationship with ourselves. Of course, none of this is possible over night! It takes time and mindfully tearing down the diet culture rhetoric that we’ve internalized. But start today. Start right now. You’ll get there.

I want you to start challenging yourself this week! I want you to start checking in with yourself and giving your body and soul more of a say in what you eat instead of eating what you “think you should eat”.  For many of us, years of disordered eating and restriction and buying into diet culture has led to a disconnect in our body’s and minds. Re-cultivating this relationship is imperative. And this starts with doing simple things like checking in with yourself, following your cravings, and removing the food rules- slowly but surely- one at a time. 



Part II released next week.