A Letter to My Client: November 13th, 2018


I have many old emails to my many clients throughout the years at Nourishing Minds Nutrition. These are letters of encouragement in someone’s journey to intuitive eating and food freedom. I have decided to release these (without client identifiers, of course!) in hopes that others can find them helpful. Even though they are specific to a specific client, I hope they prove to be insightful and inspiring for anyone else going through this process. Please be aware these letters are not intended to diagnose or treat. Please work with a practitioner if you are wanting specific one-on-one help. You can always reach out to us at Nourishing Minds Nutrition.

Hi friend!

I was sitting here reflecting on your struggle with exercise and food this week.

I wanted to send you this email to encourage you and build you up and remind you that you are stronger than you think you are. And while it may seem easier to just revert back to your old ways… have hope and stay strong! Don’t take the easy road out right now. It will pay off in the long run- I promise. Remember, the end goal here is freedom. And that means not feeling like you need to restrict or deprive. That means having a good and peaceful relationship with yourself. 

You will certainly still have negative thoughts- and that is okay! Negative self talk and old emotions and habits are not going to go out the widow overnight! The thing is- you do not have to act on or BE those thoughts. They do not have to become your reality. You can have them, acknowledge them for what they are, and then dismiss them with the part of you that is full of sympathy, grace and self love. Eventually, those thoughts will come to you less and less.