What I Ate Wednesday

Welcome to What I Ate Wednesday! 

At the time this post goes live I’ll be in Ecuador! I”m sure I’ll have updates on that in my instagram.

This is what i ate on Thursday the 13th… not that it matters… but it was a busy day and full of good eats- as per usu. It's late in the evening, the night before I leave to catch my plane- so I don't have anything too interesting to say this time. Pretty cut and dry here folks. 

Breakfast: breakfast sandwich with salmon, eggs, cream cheese, and avocado 

Post breakfast snack: leftover pizza!


  • green salad
  • beef patties with guac
  • baked sweet potato with olive oil

More snack: cheese and strawberries 

And more snack.... I'm obsessed with fig newtons. 

Dinner: Literally this Ribeye steak was everything. 

Dessert: Paleo fudge! This recipe is from Victoria's blog! SO SO GOOD.

Andddddd that's eat! Sorry I didn't have too many interesting tidbits this week. 

Have a fabulous humpday!!