Guest Post: What I Ate Wednesday with Victoria from the Diehard Foodie!

Well, hello there!

My name is Victoria and I am Meg's other half in our practice, Nourishing Minds Nutrition! Meg is my dietitian soul sister and it is such a joy to find someone to practice with who just gets's the freakin' best :)

If you have never met me, let me quicklyyyyyy introduce myself. 

I am a registered dietitian who, like Meg, is uber passionate about helping women ditch the diets and find food freedom. I, too, used to diet obsessively and have also struggled with digestion issues for years. I have since healed my relationship with food and then was able to heal my issues- including years of unbearable IBS, hormonal imbalances, skin issues and so much more. I blog over at Diehard Foodie, and you can read more about my experiences with disordered eating, discovering intuitive eating and healing my digestion & health over there.

We both thought it would be fun to start guest posting on each other's blogs from time to time...and what better of a way to do that then sharing all the delicious food we eat in a typical day!

You'll notice in our daily eats  (find Meg's on my blog today!) that we eat VERY similar. Like I died laughing reading her post because we eat so similarly. Honestly, it wasn't planned at all but I think our food convictions/beliefs speak from these daily eats post we are sharing today! So let's get to the food! My fav topic eva :)

When I was writing this post for Meg, I have to admit I was grinning from ear to ear. Why? Because for YEARS of my life I didn't eat any FODMAPs because of my IBS. Years. Not kidding. In today's post you'll see pesto made with lots of garlic, yogurt, all the honey, onions and guacamole made with lots of garlic. And watermelon! This would have KILLED my stomach in the past, but I have thankfully healed my digestion. I found the root cause of the issue (for me my issue was recurring SIBO and dysbiosis of gut flora), treated it and now I am in the final stages of healing where I am using both probiotics and prebiotics (hence purposefully eating all the FODMAPs I can) to recolonize my gut flora. My digestion has been a source of daily pain for the past 10 not feel this way anymore is truly life changing. If anyone out there reading this knows this pain- please know that we get YOU and we don't want you to feel this way. You can change things. I promise. And we can help you do that. Okay for realz..onto the food now!

Today's eats are everything I ate this past Monday.

I started off the morning as I always do, with an early rise and lots of warm lemon water (about 4 cups) as part of my morning routine.

Shortly after my warm lemon water, I made a cup of Jacked Up Java- my version of bulletproof coffee. Today's was made with about 1 Tablespoon MCT coconut oil, an overflowing Tablespoon of heavy cream, maca and nutmeg. I honestly make it differently everyday, depending on my mood. Variations included in the recipe!

An hour or so after coffee, I ate breakfast before I headed off to work. I am usually team savory in the morning but here lately I have been digging yogurt bowls!

Today's bowl was made with goat's milk yogurt with collagen peptides mixed in and topped with Beekeeper's Natural bee powered and honey, cacao nibs, sprouted pumpkin seeds, ground flax meal and a heavy dollop of peanut butter. Plus I added loads of cinnamon after this pic :)

Around noon, I enjoyed a quick my car because hashtag real life with me juggling two jobs right now...lunch just has to be quick and efficient! I prepped this lunch with items I had food prepped the day before: lettuce topped with olive oil and balsamic glaze, baked pesto salmon, cucumber and tomato salad, smashed red potatoes and more pesto added! 

Plus a few bites of my new fav dark chocolate and two mandarin oranges!

I LOVE cooking, its actually one of my favorite ways to unwind and relax ('specially with a glass of red wine!) but meals lately have been quick and efficient (catching a theme here?!). So this dinner was thrown together before a client appointment later that night. I had soaked some white rice during the day and cooked it that night in bone broth and then topped it with grass fed beef I made taco style (aka I threw in all the spices in my kitchen cabinet), sauteed squash & onions and topped it all with lime, sriracha and all the guacamole. it was SO GOOD.

Dessert was watermelon (dying over fresh summer fruit currently) plus turmeric milk as part of my nighttime routine! Meg shared with me her secret way to make the turmeric milk extra thick and creamy...about 3 Tablespoons of coconut cream mixed with a little bit of whatever milk you have on hand (I used carton coconut milk) and the rest of the ingredients per usual...even my hubby noticed how extra delicious it was! Never going back, thanks Meg for the idea!