Perfect is the Enemy of Good, August 5th, 2016

It’s not an “I’ll start tomorrow or next week thing”… it’s an “I love my body the way it is but I’m going to strive to be better every day” thing.

I use to think along these lines—the “I’ll start next week” lines. Meaning, I’ll start being serious about my diet and working out next week. I use to beat myself up when I got “off track”. I use to think in the terms of “diet” and that you were either “in” or you were “out”- there was no in between or gray area. You were either “on track” or you were completely de-railed.

I would bet the majority of us think this way and I would go so far as to say this kind of logic is toxic. Unfortunately, changing this deep-rooted way of thought is hard, but when you do… the results are literally life changing. It was a step that was absolutely CRUCIAL in my own “recovery” and restoring my own relationship with food and my body. Ridding yourself of this mindset sets you free in so many ways.

How is this way of thought toxic? Well… it is toxic to YOU, and it is toxic to OTHERS. It is toxic to you because instead of thinking of your body as beautiful, strong, and perfect the way it is… you are thinking of it as something in need of improvement. You are creating anxiety in yourself and putting yourself down. On the contrary… THINK OF IT THIS WAY: You are you. You are strong, beautiful, unique. What if I told you that your health is and should be on a continuum. So instead of being “healthy” or “unhealthy”/ “in shape” or “out of shape” you are walking in a straight line—say, on a side walk. The little choices you make every single day keep you “evened out” and “in the middle” so you don’t completely derail. Say you choose the stairs instead of the elevators… or you have that cinnamon roll or cookie… or you take your bike instead of riding in the car. ALL of these things are part of a healthful lifestyle.

We have all GOT to stop thinking of health as something you do 24/7. We have GOT to get rid of this “I’ll start tomorrow” mentality - it does us all a disservice. Hear me out-- with this kind of mindset it is like you are walking along a tight rope instead of a sidewalk and with one small slip up and you crash and burn. This leads to a continuous, unhealthy cycle—you are healthy for a week or two you “blow it” over the weekend or on vacation and you “fall off the wagon” for the next few weeks, only to try to muster up the will power to “start” again the following Monday. Does this make sense? This kind of lifestyle is downright devastating and depressing for our health. And it is perpetuated by these fad diets and “1 week bikini body” guides. Absolutely ridiculous.

Also, it’s not fun!! Who wants to be on a “diet” 24/7? On the contrary, think LIFESTYLE. A fluid, constant, all encompassing journey to good health. It is a thing you can achieve EVERY SINGLE DAY. Regardless of whether you do everything 1000% right. Regardless of whether you eat that cookie or don’t go to the gym. Because these little choices—they DO add up! It sounds cliché BUT it is so so true… EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. It is constant and a balancing act. Give yourself grace- shamelessly eat the cookie and later take the stairs.


This is something that ROCKED.MY.WORLD. A phrase told to me by my mentor—frequently, because I needed it These past two years have been quite the learning experience for me. I learned that not everything has to be PERFECT to be good. For us perfectionists this is sometimes a hard pill to swallow. Trying to make everything perfect will impede us from living life to its fullest, from growing, from taking chances, from learning. Same goes for your body and health. Our bodies are not expected to be perfect. Like, EVER. But we can strive to be better versions of ourselves every joyful day. Don’t wait until next week or next month or January… strive towards health today! And have confidence that you can do this without being on a so-called “diet”. This mindset will free you from pressure, anxiety, and unwarranted self-loathing.

We have created a community around diets and bikini body fixes and perfection. But what if we created an imperfectly perfect community striving towards self-love, health, and balanced lifestyles? It would be absolutely game changing.